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Fulfilling a Futuristic Vision: Empowering Individuals to Safeguard and Memories Securely, Transforming the Way We Preserve the Past for the Next Generation.

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The Future of Cryptographic Image Protection

Kyuzai uses cutting-edge cryptography to safeguard your images, ensuring they remain confidential and accessible only with the right key. It's the ideal solution to protect your most cherished memories, including time capsule photos, love letters, and family snapshots.


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Portrait of Ullas Kunder

I'm Ullas Kunder.

The brain (and caffeine-powered engine) behind Kyuzai. My journey into the wild world of tech kicked off after a riveting movie night with "The Social Network." Because, you know, who doesn't get inspired to code after watching Zuckerberg type furiously?

From cyber-chatter to coding craze, my evolution was a bit like turning from a social media aficionado into a code wizard. Spent countless hours in the digital realm, not building anything groundbreaking—mostly chatting, learning, and, let's admit it, procrastinating.

But then, a lightbulb moment! The craving to build things from scratch kicked in. Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was destiny—I decided to turn my caffeine-fueled dreams into lines of code.

Thank you for hopping on this rollercoaster with me. Your support means more than the number of coffee cups on my desk (and trust me, that's a lot). Have questions, suggestions, or just want to chat about the latest tech trends? I'm all ears (well, virtually). Let's explore the digital frontier together!

Happy exploring,

Ullas Kunder

Founder, Kyuzai

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